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Venikwa helped me pursue my dreams of becoming a nursing student at Texas woman's University. She talked so highly about it, when I was so unsure about the school I was going to attend for nursing. She helped me overcome a hard stump in the road by helping me pursue a dream school that I never thought I would be accepted into. She built me up with words of encouragement, and never let me doubt myself. She is the reason I will be furthering my education at Texas Woman's University, and I couldn't be more thankful for that! 


- Maddie P.

When I moved from Fairfield to Fort Worth I was in a position where I was making little to  nothing an I was not happy at a previous job. I wanted more! I reached out to Venikwa and begin talking to her about needing a job. I can say within a week or less someone called me about a position at a health insurance company. This job was what I was looking for but I was not sure if I was going to be able to do it since I’ve never worked in the health insurance industry before. She encouraged me to do it as well as rewrote my resume.  Because of her help, assistance, encouragement ,push, I have been at my job for more than a year I am  making more money than I have ever made at any place of employment.

- Karen G

Venikwa has been a breath of fresh air at my current place of employment. I was just exhausted in my job and my position. When she came, it was very natural to talk to her about my feelings. I shared my desire to continue my education and future ventures. She encouraged me to follow my dream of going back to school and supported me and my coworker to improve in our program. We were able to receive a 4 star in Texas Rising Star rating and 5 in our Program Quality assessment, which are the highest rating scores that programs can receive . Through her coaching and encouragement, I will be returning to school in the fall. I would like to thank you Ms. Venikwa for everything that you’ve done for me!

If I could describe Venikwa with one word it would be selfless. She goes above and beyond to help people in need of encouragement. She takes the time out of her busy schedule to help and motivate others even when she isn't asked to do it. She does it because she wants to and because she cares. She is a great listener, gives great advice and such an encouragement.

- Imbreyo H.

When I was nervous and having doubts about switching from one career field to another, Venikwa was a great encouragement/motivator for me to step into something new. She shows that she wants to help and see people do better for themselves in the workforce. 

                                - Lisa B.

- Mecole D.



Venikwa is a force to be reckoned with.

She is an outstanding human being with a great spirit and warm heart. 

She loves what she does for others and does it willingly!

She genuinely loves to help people!

She has been a great inspiration to me and has been my motivation. She has helped me in pursuing certifications in different fields and even helped with some of my job searches.

If you need to be motivated or inspired, I recommend Venikwa 100 percent!


- Monique P.

Venikwa has such a positive role in my life. As a first generation immigrant there is so much life guidance that I need and can't always count on my parents to know, such as college, credit, and general life advice. I am so glad that I can count on Venikwa for that guidance and support, she is someone that I know has my best interest but most importantly someone that I can trust. She always makes me feel heard, respected and gives me a better understanding of whatever my inquiry is. She is definitely someone that I want in my life and I truly feel blessed knowing. 

- Juana C.

First thing word that comes to my mind when I think of Venikwa is “leader”.
Venikwa is a leader that is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She is someone who won’t ask you to do something if she cant do it/ has not done it before. She isn’t the kind of person to sit down in a corner and just give orders. She sets high expectations and helps guide you when you need it. She shows you through her actions that she is just asinvested in whatever you’re doing as you are. She is experienced and resourceful.  She is calm and methodical when she comes up with a solution. She is able to pull from all of her previous experiences to help build you up. 
She is helpful and encouraging, she always made me a priority and brought in fresh ideas/solutions. Her goals and solutions
are realistic in a way that also leaves room to aspire to do better in the future Overall, Venikwa is someone that I strive to be like as a person, as a co-worker, boss, and as a leader. She is someone you can look up to. Meeting her and being able to work with her was the highlight of my last job that we
shared and I’m so thankful for the role that she has played in my life

- Bonnie Joe

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